this whole blogging thing

when i started blogging way back when

i was so excited

it was exciting

an amazing platform to put my voice and my work out there

even if it is only my mom that reads each and every post

my only wish is that i was more consistent

but having a blogging schedule filled with ‘engaging content’ and sticking to it

well that’s really not me

last year was full of a lot of small but significant changes for me

a conscious attempt to spend less time at the computer

spend less time online

trying to use my film camera more

for personal photos, if using my digital camera, only allowing light editing with VSCO and that’s it

make more family albums so we all get to enjoy the bazillion photos i take

trying to be more present

and a lot of the time being present for me is not having a camera at all

and mostly i’m okay with that


back to blogging

i’d like to update more

so hopefully i will


these are from our recent trip to perth

big family reunion

i cajoled and begged and insisted and told and bossed everyone into walking to this beautiful beach

for a big family photo as the sun was setting

i got one chance – one shot before the little kids ran off

and i left my sunglasses on – what a dork!

i’ve included a few of us trying to set up seventeen people

on a rock, all smiling, with a timer-set camera precariously balanced on a rucksack

but we got some beautiful shots

i hardly edited them, hard as that was

just VSCO Film Presets and a little cropping

the film presets is what makes them grainy and i love it

enjoy this big-long-overdue-over-wordy

blog post






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