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when the weather doesn’t play the game

it’s september

spring (right?)

we’ve come over to perth to visit family

we even booked a few nights over at rottnest island over the weekend

my bags are packed with swimming clothes

and a big pile of aqua hq turkish towels

i imagined glorious beach and sunset and summery photos for this trip

my oldest school friend and i planned to meet up on the beach

for some more sunset on the beach photos

here are the ones we did two years ago


i didn’t plan on rain and wind and cold

kids are smart

they don’t plan things based on the weather

they don’t get disapointed when the weather doesn’t play the game

they play in the rain, the wind, even the biting cold is still good weather to explore


i’ve had to remind myself that with cold weather

comes log fires and wine and lots of conversation

we’ve had a wonderful time

perth- we still love you even when you’re freezing



aqua hq turkish towels

aqua hq turkish towels


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