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Professional Parents Workshop

Do you work from home?  Is finding a balance between work and family often a bit of a struggle?  Are you at home with your kids and trying to establish a business?

I attended the Professional Parents Workshop last week, held at a wonderful venue provided by The MotherBaby Hub.  It is a great concept created by the multi-talented Renee Veldman-Tentori, her passion and enthusiasm radiated through to all of us in the first five minutes, and I know we all left there feeling inspired and motivated.  Having a business at home, and taking care of kids at the same time comes with an extra set of challenges, and an opportunity to network with people who really do understand is very refreshing.

Renee has set up the Professional Parents Network to enable some face to face networking and shared learning for all of us that juggle parenthood and business. I can’t wait to see where Renee takes her ideas – she has so many wonderful things she wants to share and develop.

Nicole Grant gave a very interesting talk on workplace injury prevention, but particularly injuries that we would be more prone to…like a baby on your hip and holding the phone between your shoulder and your ear is not going to do much for your spinal alignment!

There were so many talented inspiring women there, and the reason it took me so long to put up this post was due to me getting lost in their websites, twitter pages and then running out of time….

Meet Ashleigh and discover a new, educational approach to personalised clothing and decor!  People with roots in Africa are kinda special to me!

She only spoke for 2 minutes on what she does and I had tears in my eyes!  Gayle and Bernadette – you amaze me.

The lovely Kylie van de Graaf impresses me no end because not only does she run a business from home, but she runs the business with her husband, a true family business.   Something I could never do.  My husband asked me to be his PA a few days a week…I asked him if I would still get paid if I swore at him.

Sue Lester provides a service everyone needs, we all would benefit so much from having a little one on one time with someone like her.

Kavala from Tilly & Otto brought her three energetic boys to the meeting, and we did not see them once – the playground and milkshakes provided by The MotherBaby Hub kept them very entertained.  Renee also provided a babysitter to help out – what a great help she was.

Michelle from Gentle Footsteps very kindly provided CHOCOLATE – what is a meeting amongst working mothers without chocolate? Organic chocolate.  And she sells some other fantastic products – be sure to check out her store.

I am still wondering when Deborah Batchelor sleeps, she is a single mum, and runs not one, but two business’.  Her and I have begun chatting about reciprocal services already – I am super excited about that.  Her design company has a great website, and for sure I will be heading over to RockRibbons for my next birthday present shopping trip.

Wow…it is amazing what can happen with some face to face networking.  I am all for online networking too…but there is something real and tangible when you all sit around having a good cuppa and sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Hope to see you all again soon



  • Sue Lester - Hi Louise
    What a great summary and plug for all – thank you! And thank you too for your valuable input at the meeting, I learnt some useful tips. See you again soon!

  • Ash - Hi Louise
    A fabulous post! Though, a summary of the meeting wouldn’t quite be complete without mentioning you and your wonderful input to all the discussions. Your energy is contagious!
    Can’t wait to see everyone at the next one!

  • Renee Veldman-Tentori - Thanks so much Louise,

    It’s so wonderful to get such positive feedback, and your contributions were very valuable, looking forward to spending more time with you soon. Also thanks for inspiring me to get back to blogging, I started mine yesterday!

    Talk soon,

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