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oh my goodness!

three months

that is how long it has been since i last posted


i wanted to call this long overdue post


but that would have required an actual hiatus

but really, that has not been the case

it is almost the middle of june

my cup is overflowing with work and love and family and so much more

so lets get going with how i spent a rainy queen’s birthday holiday today


his mum is utterly delighted with her newest baby boy, one she says is an old soul

his dad is the most relaxed father of three boys under three i have ever seen

his twin brothers are so proud to be big brothers

he is the most content and happy baby boy

the only time he cried was when he put a hat on him

he does not like hats



  • Natalia de clercq - Wow , I know I said it before and I’ll sayit again .. You really are amazing. You have captured the feeling of our little tribe with your own style and grace and spirit! You are a true Warrior of the light, ! Can not wait to see you them all. Thanks Lou xxxxx ( one from each of us)ReplyCancel

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