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there is lots of change on our horizon

in the coming months

i love change

but i also get sentimental

i don’t want to forget

the little things from today

some of these images may not make sense to you

the dark corners of a room

but what you can’t see

is what i can remember



my first camera

a nikon f65

we bought it in london

probably 12 years ago

i shot film all the time

never over thought it

just did it

then came the digital upgrade

and i stopped thinking about film altogether

until about a year ago

i bought some rolls

and tried to remember to shoot them

it took over a year

i was so nervous having them developed

all things considered

i’m thrilled with them

this post is thailand last year

next post is home

both in ilford b & w


“the only people for me are the made ones. the ones who are mad to love, mad to talk, mad to be saved;

the ones who never yawn or say a common-place thing,

but burn burn burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars”

jack kerouac


oh my does that just resonate within me

burn burn burn

partly because jack kerouac can string words together like a symphony

 and partly because those words make you believe that you can live a life like that

a life filled with burning passion and excitement and chasing your dreams with ferocity

 burn burn burn


but if you’ve read ‘on the road’

or even seen the movie

you’ll know that jack spent a lot of time on the back of trucks

endless hours waiting to get somewhere

and his searching

did not come without cost


so in this life

my life

how do i

burn burn burn

keep inspired

keep moving forward

keep dreaming


keep on top of the laundry?

some days it’s hard

some days the fire burns brightly within

i’m so inspired and filled with fabulous yellow roman candles exploding ideas

and other days


not so much


what do you think

can we do it all

just not every thing every day?

how do you find



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