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i’ve known deb for a long time

we both grew up in a small city on the other side of the world

i was delighted when she made contact around two years ago to take

newborn photos

of her first baby girl

check those out over here


time flies

and now they are a family of four

baby sister was not as willing to pose quietly for long

she is only really happy in her daddy’s arms

who can blame her?

i had the most wonderful afternoon in their home

thank you for inviting me


this little  man

sweet, calm, tiny

slept through most of his shoot

newborns really are my very, very


going back to visit south africa

every two years

it’s never enough

i feel like i miss out on so much

but i have been lucky enough to be there

when this oldest, dearest, most specialist


got married

i cried so much during the ceremony, I could hardly take any photos that day

it was so beautiful




now look what this beautiful couple

have gone and made

happy, happy birthday sweet Charlie