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A little trip to the Hunter Valley…

Facebook Status Update, dated 17 Feb ’10

Louise Tee said: Can you/should you take the kids to the hunter valley for a week?

Comments/Replies to my status update:

I’d say ‘yes and no…..!!’ 🙂
Yes you can but you shouldn’t!
Depends what you want to achieve. Have a good time or babysit?
No! I mean you can – but it’s a different experience. There are SOOO many lovely wineries/restaurants – it’s a shame not to do it properly – but – if you can only go if you take them then don’t miss out – just book a repeat trip when parents are around to babysit.
Absolutely NOT! Hunter valley is strictly husband/wife or girls weekend business.
So we took them to the Hunter Valley, and we drove all the way there and all the way back.  We made it without killing each other, the kids or anyone else.

We took it easy, stopped if we needed to, or if the kids needed a change of scenery.

Did I mention we don’t do long car trips?  I did wonder why we decided to change this with a 10 hour road trip with two boys aged 4 and 2.

I tried to take a holiday myself, by leaving my Nikon DSLR at home….what was I thinking?  I am always taking photos, even if I don’t have a camera I take photos in my head.  And that irritates me because they don’t have a USB cable for my brain yet.
I did take our little Olympus underwater shockproof perfect for kids and taking with you everywhere camera.  Not bad hey.

We found a goth / sporting goods store.  Yup, I get the dichotomy, but that is what is was.  I was looking for shoes for me and ended up with a pair for each child and nothing for me.

But man they looked so cute in their new shoes (ooshies if you are the two year old.)

So what do you need to take two kids on a long road trip for a week?

This is all we needed.
And then it is all good.  Great in fact.

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