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Monthly Archives: November 2013

this week i’ve been tasked with a project of a personal nature

“seek out a story somewhere in your own circle”


i pondered and my mind jumped through my circle

who has an interesting story?

what story can i tell using photographs?


so this is my story


i can almost cast my mind back to pre-kid days

the plan was to have babies and for me to stay and home with them

raise them

how indulgent i thought, be home all day, nothing to actually do…

how very misguided my thoughts were

being home with the kids all day is more taxing, more exhausting and nothing like i had imagined it would be

there are days where i want to rage at my husband, who gets to go to work every day and gets paid for it

some days i am not sure i’ve done anything worthy or commendable since my eyes

were forcibly opened by a little person at 4am

and then

there are days where the gratitude and love i have for my family overwhelms me

how could i even contemplate a life different from this, i’m so very, very lucky


so in that spirit i tasked the boys to help me with this project

husband is away (again)

i asked them to help me capture us doing our everyday

the boring mundane dailyness

car driving, a lot of time in the kitchen, eating, washing dishes

the grumpy faces, the cross faces, the exhausting trip to the vet, the over due haircuts

i asked them what does mommy do every day?

they said “making lunch and doing the laundry and not actually very much else really”

they got to take the photos of me as they see me

and i tried to capture those moments as i see them

while there is nothing glamorous or exciting in our every day

it’s ours

and i love it.


can you start a blog post with

shit – time flies?

it really does

it really seems just a moment ago

we had hawoween 2012

and the littlest in the house was drowning

in his hulk suit

as we didn’t grow up with halloween

i still find it a little bizarre to dress kids up

to walk from house to house to get pumpkin shaped buckets

filled with cheap sweets and candy

but hey

i loved father christmas for many years

and never once questioned how he got all the presents

on one sleigh, correctly delivered to each kid and all in one night.

i miss being a kid.