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Monthly Archives: July 2013

if I look back at my blog posts over the years

there is always a lull on the blog in the middle of the year

(read: nothing happening here at all)

june july and august are just incredibly busy months for us

it’s when we get our visitors

first my husband’s parents

then mine

some years they’ve even overlapped a bit

it’s jack’s birthday in july

lately we have taken advantage of the built-in-babysitters

and done some kid-free travel

so like i said

june july august


last I checked it was may and now it is almost august?


maybe next year I can pre-load some blog posts and set them to post regularly

in these crazy months

just so my poor blog doesn’t feel so neglected at this time of the year

what I should do is link up my instagram feed here

that I update fairly regularly – if you’re on instagram come say hello


so here is a quick post

some baby girl photography love


her daddy is an old friend of ours

they live in New Zealand

and we had the best time catching up with them

and meeting this pretty little princess