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Monthly Archives: April 2013

if you’ve been to Cape Town

you will understand what it means to fall in love with a city

my heart aches to drive along de waal drive every day on the way to work

the tree lined avenues in newlands

and mostly the people that we left behind

even after all this time away, i still miss

them all so much. too much


(ps: a few of those big boys on the beach are currently available, so any takers just email me 😉 )


going back to visit south africa

every two years

it’s never enough

i feel like i miss out on so much

but i have been lucky enough to be there

when this oldest, dearest, most specialist


got married

i cried so much during the ceremony, I could hardly take any photos that day

it was so beautiful




now look what this beautiful couple

have gone and made

happy, happy birthday sweet Charlie


it’s a blessing and a curse

my love for the camera

sorting through the ridiculous amount of photos I took in december

it took hours and hours

but through them I get to re-live and share the most amazing








so this is Tintswalo Manor Lodge

our first stop after we arrived in johannesburg

my brother organised this for us

heaven in the african bush

thanks Pierre xoxo


welcome to Africa indeed