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Monthly Archives: March 2013

sometimes i’ll find myself staring at the title bar for a new blog post

lost for words

a title that is to encompass so much in a few carefully chosen words


meeting this beautiful family

this beautiful momma, who chose to capture her third pregnancy

as it would be her last

these delightful girls eagerly anticipating being big sisters


being welcomed into a home that has that quiet hush

the sound of a newborn baby that’s just come home

a daddy that delights in changing nappies

sisters that can’t stop touching

arranging & re-arranging the crib toys so it’s just right


i am grateful and privileged to be the one

that captured these images

where this beautiful family

welcomed their beautiful,

newborn baby girl



thank you for




an old newborn baby?

yes, this baby boy is definitely not a newborn baby anymore

in fact

he is almost, very nearly 4 years old

and he has a proper boys haircut now

I took these when he was a few days old

it is weird and wonderful and strange to look at and re-edit my ‘old’ work

my style has changed a little

i’ve definitely got better at what I do and more confident

with wrapping and posing and settling newborns

and I also realise, with such gratitude, that I’ve been doing this a while

and I still

love, really love

what I do


my apologies to him mum (and dad)

for any intense, overwhelming feelings similar to


that may occur…

much love


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