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Monthly Archives: December 2012

we are away on holiday

in a tiny town on the coast of south africa

up until today I was not sure what date it is

and i have to look to the top right of my screen to know that it is monday

a real holiday

almost no screen time

just enough to almost keep on top of the many, many photos I am taking

new years eve

always makes me quite reflective

on the year we’re in

and one that starts tomorrow

my endings and beginnings post this time last year

was a lot about making the most of your life and your time

both my children will be at big school next year

no more kindy

no more lunch at the sushi train on a thursday just because we can

my week days feel wide open, in a slightly scary way

my maternal instincts are aching for my babies that are big boys now


embracing change

feeling grateful



happy new year to you

with love