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Monthly Archives: October 2012


how i love it

and sometimes how i don’t love it

there is so much I want to blog about

this platform is largely how those that are far away from me

connect with me

with what I am doing

here everybody, look.  this is what I am doing.

and so when there are no posts for a few months

or a photos about what I did in February getting posted in October


that is when I kinda don’t love it

because I feel guilty, worry about not posting enough,

worry about only posting these photos now

yadda yadda yadda

story of my life

guilt, worry, worry, guilt


pouring myself another glass of wine

and posting them anyway.


my friend Sally and I

in Sydney

she is a Cape Town girl through and through

I was a Cape Town girl for a few years – that is where we met

now I am here, and she came over for a few weeks way back when in Feb

we met up in Noosa for a beautiful lunch

and then I managed to con the husband

to look after the kids for a whole two days and two nights

and fly me to Sydney to play with Sally some more

when i see these images now

i just want to rush back to Sydney with Sally

and eat at Icebergs again

and stroll around Kings Cross the morning after

slightly hung, looking at quirky gift shops that sell witty postcards and hello kitty iPhone cases

love ya Sal xoxo

long overdue (this post – not the baby!)

some beauty-full belly


there is a real feeling that resides

within pregnancy

what is it?

the promise of so much to come

hope, joy, expectancy

already here but not quite

love, fiercely protective

pregnancy in french is loosely translated to enceinte

a definition

of enceinte is

to surround closely

: enclosure, from enceindre to encompass, from Latin incingere, from cingere to gird


when I was pregnant

all I remember is

not really being able to think of anything else

beside from this baby

growing, every day,

just below my heart

the school disco

but he is only seven

this still does not compute in my brain

seven and going to a disco

i am old fashioned

i know

but I don’t care

he is too little to be going to a disco

but then I look at these and can’t stand how grown up he is

he is only seven

and you are only four

so you are certainly not going

(he was not impressed)