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Monthly Archives: October 2011

when I was about twelve I tried to start writing a diary

and my little brother read it and he laughed at me and my words

i never wrote another personal thought down again

how i wish wish wish i had more courage then

to have ignored him and written anyway


so how do i change that

i still can’t write down everything i feel

without worrying someone will laugh


perhaps this is a good way

to take photos every day

even if they are with a phone, fuzzy and out of focus with bad light

because they mark the time

the time you fell asleep on the couch with your snuggly little boy after a long day with only each other for company

the time you went to melbourne without kids and ate out three times a day for three days

the time they fell asleep reading bedtime stories to each other

the time he made his own toast and chose to put cheese and olives on it


because with all this

the little things and the big things

and everything inbetween

i don’t want to forget

snuggling with your best friends

putting teepees together with my ‘helper’

drinks with neighbours, his choice of hat and sunnies and a new way to clean up spilled milk

trips to bunnings, hanging with little people and meeting new people

camping trips – the hat took some strain that week

daddy got a new boat, sunsets in the park and illegal front seat drivers on fraser island

trips to ikea for new carpets and long overdue haircuts

three year old superheroes in spiderman pyjamas, cardboard cars and playing so hard you fall asleep almost instantly when you stop

 a trip to perth watching the sun set into the sea and little boys with matching backpacks wanting no help on the escalators

melbourne with no kids and finding a new favourite favourite red

things you should not do whilst driving:  snap your dream car in a three lane tunnel and ogle men in the rear view mirror

the sweetest things in life: friends and cupcakes

naps on a couch – the best kind of nap

those that know this mutt know that there are no words to describe him

from delightful ‘helper’ to this in less than an hour

winter boot purchases and summer boot purchases

doing one thing so we can drink another

new newborn bean bag – how did i work without it?

my big boy and his weirdo food choices

days with just a three year old for company

finally it got cleaned up

toy shopping in k-mart; i could not take my eyes off that lady’s handbag and had to bite my knuckles not to laugh and laugh.


new jeans, favourite shoes and a picture of me

trying sunflare and sunsets with camera phone

hours playing with the app  PicFrame

many ways to have egg and toast

and me.  bad photo, scratching my ear. and the time I actually did the school run in that stylish choice of footwear.

but me, nevertheless.


look at all her hair

i could run my fingers through those silky strands all day

whilst being completely taken in by those perfect rosebud lips

it must feel like that and so much more

for her beautiful mum and dad

who are completely enamoured

with this perfect baby girl

that is all theirs

thank you

D & D

for choosing me to take these images

of the gorgeous miss G


looking at these photos

i can’t quite believe they were taken less than 3 hours drive from

where i am now sitting

watching my children play and swim and climb and explore

from sun up to long after sun down

was the best kind of holiday for me

these images are also helping me

work through the


pile of laundry i have ever seen

and sand sand sand

in everything