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Monthly Archives: September 2011

the love that I felt today

the big love that was so evident amongst

all the members of this

beautiful family

so much love

and all eyes were completely


on this tiny perfect

baby girl

it brought tears to my eyes

and reminded me that a newborn baby

is the epitome of perfection

and that cradling your baby feels like

you are holding all the love in world


i don’t have a sister

and both my kids are dirty, smelly boys

so imagine how lovely it was to spend time

with these beautiful girls

pink and ruffles and pretty hats and perfect rosebud lips

a daddy whose eyes beam with such pride every time he looks at them

a mum who breaks into the biggest smile whenever she looks at her girls

thank you T & L – it was wonderful to see you all again


today you came to visit me

your dad could not stop kissing you

your mom could not take her eyes off you

you are so new to this world

and you have completely changed theirs

thank you

you are just perfect