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Monthly Archives: August 2011

oh wow

as I was editing these I realised


shoot on the beach



on a west coast

look what i have been missing

so where do we need to move to?



cape town


but a note about these delightful children

they are loud, funny, interesting, clever, smart, polite, talkative, sweet, kind

and they belong to a friend whom I have known for …

ummm…. too scared to work it out

twenty five years

when I see these pics

all I see is her and i and her brother in prospect road

twenty five years ago

reading Archie comics

thanks Kiks, for letting me take these photos. xoxo

sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

                                                                                             ~Marc Brown

what a joy to meet with up with this family again

just over a year ago this big bro wasn’t quite a brother yet

little bro was still snug on the inside

and we had a lovely maternity and mommy & son shoot


now we have brothers

a whole new ball game

wrestling tugging hugging

shoving loving biting

all that and more still to come

but brothers, always brothers


we spent last week in perth

us, the boys, in-laws, cousins, uncles, aunts

dogs, two cats, chickens, big fires, exploring new backyards

so cold we wore beanies on inside

the boys made bread with their cousin

yes, that is a fireplace in the kitchen.  bliss.

and the beach at sunset

two families over two days


and i found a baby

as you do.

more bliss

thanks perth

it was fun