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Monthly Archives: July 2011

some mum’s are really busy during the school holidays

they have every day mapped out and planned and filled with

exciting kid-related stuff to do.

me – well i am just not that organised.

holidays (especially in winter) are a lot about not getting out of our pyjamas until lunch time

and then, it is only if we have to.

like if we run out of bread and milk, then we have to go out.


i did manage  to fill one day with fun and exciting kid-related stuff

yum yum

my biggest boy turned six

the party was this past weekend

it all went so well

he had a wonderful time and said the cake was “fantastico”

more pics to follow when I sort through the hundreds that I took.


the husband does a bit of travelling for work

he asked me to come along for company last friday

he had to be in Towoomba at 7am for a meeting

we had to leave in the dark and the cold to be there on time

i was bored to tears

took my camera and drove him mad taking photos of everything and nothing

i don’t think i will be a candidate for company on the next trip


coffee and carrot cake that tasted of cling film plastic for breakfast