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Monthly Archives: June 2011

before your second baby arrives

you may wonder how he or she is going to fit in…

will the older sibling cope?

can you love another baby as much as your first one?

and then he arrives.

and you wonder how you could have ever worried

it was as if he was here all the time,

you just couldn’t see him yet

thank you for the privilege of capturing these moments C.

the rest will be ready by the end of the week.



a newborn baby

how does one describe

when translating newborn from english to french

this is what they say…

                                          Principal Translations/Principales traductions
(baby, animal: just born)
nouveau-né nm
                                                          Newborns are completely dependent on their parents.


but the love we feel for

a newborn baby

makes us completely dependent on them


first off – I am not a wedding photographer

if there were two of me, and we both had two sets of the necessary equipment each…then maybe

it is such a big day

being responsible for capturing it all on ‘film’ – not for me

but how i love wedding photography


this is the very special wedding day of one of my best friends from high school

i would have been useless as her official photographer, as I cried constantly whilst taking these

such a very special day

8 January 2011, Matjiesfontien, South Africa

Wayne & Philippa

so much love