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Monthly Archives: April 2011

i have two, possibly three shoots this weekend

when it rains it pours around here, i love the rain.

so I begged and bribed my boys with a short trip to the park to help me scout new locations for this weekend

and I even got husband to come along.  that never happens.

but it did and look what we got….

a new location and

yes, a photo of me with my boys.

a photo of me with my boys –

that never happens….

i am so lucky



a few blog posts ago I documented life on the other side of the fence….

my kids cannot drive past that fence anymore without remembering how amazing life looked on the other side of suburbia

among so many things I wish for, I do wish we spent more time in open fields with nothing but nature, as it is, around us

sadly nowadays those fields are usually bound up within national parks and only viewable from the footpath

perhaps you are lucky enough to live on a farm, or are able to visit one?

this time we had to get a ladder to climb over the fence

they are developing the land into more housing….so the bulldozers and diggers have arrived

so every shutter click had me wondering if this was the last time we would

capture magic like this….