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Monthly Archives: March 2011

we went back to south africa for a magical four weeks over the december holidays

we got to see and do and experience almost everything we wanted to do

i finally met some of my friend’s babies, babies who are not babies anymore, but i had not met them until this holiday

we sweltered under a hot karoo sun and witnessed my best friend from school promise to love wayne forever

we spent time together without kids at an amazing hotel thanks to my brother

we soaked up all that we miss about living in cape town

we came back feeling refreshed and so so lucky to have, know and love all that is our south africa



i was buying bread and milk at the convenience store down the road a few days ago

they had a little television mounted on the wall behind the counter

just a few images of the complete devastation that has poured itself all over Japan

had me trying to count out money with tears streaming down my face


a photographer on the other side of the world

the beautiful tara whitney

showed me that in about three minutes you can do something


because i cannot fathom not having my family and my children

i cannot fathom not having a home and food and running water and electricity

imagine all those things we take for granted being here today

and destroyed tomorrow

so if you can

(you know you can)

head over here and do something.


i have already blogged a board from this shoot

but could not resist one more….