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Monthly Archives: February 2010

What a busy day it has been, kids home today and I insist on torturing them and myself by trying to do some work. I love what I do and could spend hours editing photos and planning a new website. It is hard to find the balance when you work at home.

But seeing your two year old get his first certificate at swimming lessons certainly balances your perspective, and reminds me how lucky I am to have been there when he got his certificate.

it is hard some days to remember just to go to park and play

there is washing that needs washing

dishes that need doing

toys to tidy

work to catch up on

filing to file

accounts and books to balance

emails to reply to

bed linen to be changed

with a list like that in my head

going to park to play is the best option I reckon.


My mom and I had a long chat this afternoon about the changing format of writing, keeping in touch, blogging, twittering…. My dad left the room as words like tweet, shortcut, app and blog make his head spin. We lamented that we both have a tendency to spend too much energy preparing to write/blog and not enough time actually writing. We thought it might be nice to plug a USB cable into our left ear and directly download our thoughts to our blog. Wouldn’t that be handy, and a tad dangerous after a few wines, well for me anyway.
So this evening I am debriefing myself of my day, lying on the couch watching HONJ (read skanky wealthy housewives of new jersey) and wondering where I will find time to do more blogging… my kids are barely fed and watered regularly…..and then it came to me….ANOTHER use for my NFEI (new favourite electronic item) – my iPhone. WordPress for iPhone app.
So here it is. My thoughts….can’t at this point think why they need to be written, and more so who would want to read them….that is debate for another day.

TaDa…..my first wordpress for iPhone app blog. Understand that Dad?

Photo is the kids and Dexter at the vet causing chaos. Would have caused more had I known they charge about $900 per minute for a puppy vaccination.