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Yearly Archives: 2009

I have not blogged for a while, it has been such a busy few weeks.  It seems that all the planning and preparing can’t stop December rolling into my life like a speed train leaving me a little stunned when all the chaos is over.  We are still in the midst of it now, albeit a fairly quiet week ahead – I hope anyway.

Lets start with last week – call me crazy and insane – but we picked up a 7.5week old boxer puppy last Tuesday.  To date the zoo inventory is now:

Dad, Mom, 4.5year old, 2 year old and 8 week old – so the average age in our house about 14.  Keeps us young at heart and my hairdresser in business as she takes the ever growing grey away.

so here he is

meet Dexter.


I’m hot

I don’t feel like packing the laundry away

I don’t feel like hanging out another load of washing

The kitchen needs a sweep

But I am so hot….

and then we had this….

major tantrum

in the heat of day

I’m thinking “jeez he is sooo stubborn”

He is thinking “jeez she is sooo stubborn”

Situation at present:


Hi there

Just wanted to share a fellow bloggers post with you:


It’s getting hot here in Australia.  Summer is just about here.   For a long while after we lost Ava, I would  brace hearing the evening news, never wanting to know of another family enduring what we have..of someone elses precious child losing their life the way Ava did.  But that day came, another family lost their daughter, and then another.  One mother, she lost both her children.   Every time, it broke my heart all over again.  Such a simple thing –  family cars parked outside homes..a brief window where all of the planets made way for the perfect storm and then, just like that, nothing was ever the same.

How I wish just the simple act of distributing the Ava’s Rule postcard would mean this never happened again, anywhere, ever.  In reality I know it’s probably not possible.  We can try though, can’t we?    Please email this post card to every single person you know.  For us.  For Ava.   For families who adore their children, who think they’ve covered off all the risks, who may have never thought of the dangers of their car parked outside on a normal Sunny day.    Please.

for the full post click here .